Another suggestion to improve workflow

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Another suggestion to improve workflow


As I mentioned in a recent post, the new improvements in the latest beta have been very welcome.


These have improved the workflow dramatically (when working with an external DAW via IAC). I do however have another suggestion which I believe would be a huge boon for those using HN2 with an external DAW in Chords only mode. If you could provide the option to trigger chords in the Progressions notepad in the same manner as the Chords Palette (stop sound on mouse release, if released after 800ms or more). This would be great for keeping a record of chord combo's but still enable the user try out variations of the progressions they are exploring.


Although this is an optimisation intended for those that integrate with their DAW in real time, I believe it would also be useful for all users.


Many thanks in advance,


Jonathan Moore



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