Apology regarding rants aout iLok - I was at fault.

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Apology regarding rants aout iLok - I was at fault.

Hey guys,

I've been down on iLok on this forum a few times. I cracked a laptop because of the dongle, and the same dongle suddenly stopped working and had to be RMAd.

I blamed my misery on Cognitone's choice to stick to the hardware dongle and not support the software iLok option because clearly neither of my issues would have occured with the software option.

So obviously in the case of the cracked laptop, that's because i'm an idiot.

The second case, where the iLok died, was due to, believe it or not, motherboard/CPU/RAM frequency settings in BIOS. Now i'm not a gamer child, so I don't spend my days overclocking systems for negligible speed increases and ridiculous power drains.

I had bought 32GB of cheap, brand new ram off of Amazon 4-5 years ago when I built my system and had to tweak the DRAM clock rate down to support the lower end ram.

After some time, I wound up increasing the clock rate, probably after a glass of wine and the installation of a few SSDs. 

A few days later, my system started having stability issues and would often simply not boot up until I tried a few times.  I blamed it on power drain due to the new hardware and a failing mobo. (Without evidence of course. My mobo has mil spec caps and is rock solid.)

Then my iLok burnt out. I noticed that while my system was "not booting up" , the iLok would flash.

It was probably being power cycled by a twichy DC power since my system was not configure properly.

So no more tweaking the BIOS just for kicks anymore.

Bottom line:  My bad. Sorry.

Tristan <-- bad user

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