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Auto chord and progressions with inversions?


I often use an auto chord track when I'm skecthing out a cue, lay down rough melody outline, use the harmonizer to flesh out a progression and then come up with the final melody.


But.. the auto chord track doesn't react to inversions in the base progression.


Any way to get the chord track to see the inversions and play them correctly?

Wed, 2013-05-08 - 10:37 Permalink

Maybe I'm not explaining myself well enough..


You create a progression, along the way you voice it using number keys 1,2,3,4,5 for various inversions, you can also use shift+arrow up/down to shift the ranges.


Now if you click the chords in the progression to preview them, they play like you want, with inversions and shifts intact.


Now I create an instrument track and set the interpretation template to  "auto-chords" so I can quickly have a temporary cue track to work out a melody for.


The auto chords instrument will not play any inversions or shifts that has been added to the progression, it just plays the base chords, if I click on the chords in the progression they will play with inversions and shifts intact, but the auto-chord track will not, and this completely changes the mood.

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There's a switch named "Inversions" on the Interpretation parameter. It forces the auto-chords to obey the inversion settings of the progression.

This is disabled by default, because forcing inversions for chords often breaks the pitch range and smoothness of a progression. Keeping the overall voice leading of a progression smooth with manual inversion settings is tricky (and breaks apart when you change the instrument or ranges).

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Great, found it under "Form"


The instrument I use for auto chords is useually  just piano which have a vary large range, and I just use the auto-chords feature to have something quick to develop a mood for improvising a melody line, after that I kill the auto-chords track and hit the harmonizer for the final progression.


Really good workflow for breaking out of the "same chords I always use" syndrome :D