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Autochords sound is not sounding constant ?


I'm having trouble setting up an autochords chord progression

Now I did a test with 1 repeating Dm chord ( put in a container) for the autochords ( chords + bass) over say 45 bars. 
The chord progression in the overview view keeps getting interrupted ?
Is this an intended effect ?...does not seem right to me 

What you get now I think for the autochords+bass , if you put any chord progression in 1 container , these chords are interrupted ?

Tue, 2022-11-01 - 12:41 Permalink

There are no actual chords to see with autochords  : that's what  i like about this feature 
Autochords feature can be used only for listening for fitting chord progressions 

Later on  real chords can used ...

Tue, 2022-11-01 - 15:03 Permalink

I know how autochords work and I dont have a problem with them, but I presumed you had put Dm chords in the chord progression which the autochords follow as you mentioned the chords playing were Dm with gaps between. Maybe you have 1 chord per bar in a 4 bar sequence in the progression, change that so that it is one chord lasting 4 bars, alternatively and much better, change the interpretation settings as I suggested.


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Realize, i don't have not yet a harmony figure used, so interpretation is not applyable 

The idea is to setup a autochord progression without the actual chords : only for listening

Its possible to drop the harmony parameter on the figure parameter for a piano track and getting a harmony figure.

Don't know what to do with the bass note

Suppose when using a harmony figure there are three tracks in play figure (piano, chords and Bass)  ..they have all interpretation setting 

This is not intuative anymore this handling  .

I must experiment with this further and again too complicated 



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Thanks for thinking with me.
I think I will leave the autochords feature as it does not easily have the desired effect ( if it can?).

Now just use the standard chord progression again and can also now put a bass tone under the root note of the chord there if needed
Concerns me to compare short chord progressions anyway .

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Tried again with the auto-chord-bass setup
Now only chord building in the root container.
Now playing the chords works fine with the auto-chord/bass tracks
I have the impression that as soon as you put the chords (part) from the root container into another container below it , the auto-chord/bass feature gets upset as happened before ?

Note: no further settings needed to do

Wed, 2022-11-02 - 01:44 Permalink

Hello, I noticed something similar earlier, I've just tried it and the auto chord interpretation works like it used to if there is no figure parameter defined, in SF2 i've noticed that maybe it's trying to take the figure whether directly from its container or from an inherited contain into account and "chordifying" it more. I presume this is because the old behavior would confuse people as it totally ignored the figure parameter and just played block chords, which, i believe was the original point of it; To very quickly get some simple chords playing without having to insert a figure and for clarity, so you can very easily hear the underlying harmony.