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Automatic backup option not checked.


Suddenly all the global racks are gone and in the preferences the automatic backups are not enabled ?
There are now 10 backups enabled and when this number is reached the automatic backup is disabled ?
For the global racks there is also a separate backup function and this also works through the automatic backup then.
Looks like all global racks settings are lost ?
The global racks are still assigned as an arrangement rack in a saved arrangement, but recovering them as a global rack is no longer possible.
Although you could use the device descriptions of the arrangement racks again for restoring a global rack?
Frustrating this though, as this way work is lost and strange that the automatic backup option was off ?

Sat, 2023-07-22 - 11:56 Permalink

Auto backup is a global user preference not tied to a rack. Whatever happens to your racks, this setting will not change.

If your racks and settings are lost, you may have accidentally deleted the Config folder? It should be in your Documents\Synfire folder.

Sat, 2023-07-22 - 12:16 Permalink

Thanks, yes say it
Removed the Config folder?
This is where you should start backing up this Config folder too?
The folder backup of the racks turned out to be empty, so I think more to the automatic backup setting that was off then.
The question is how could it be off ?

Note: checked the Config folder and it is not removed
Can remember to overwrite a file for going back to default racks, but i am not sure?

Sat, 2023-07-22 - 22:37 Permalink

Recreated a template.
Now just backed up the racks manually.
A backup of an arrangement file that's clear, but what else is backed up automatically by Synfire ?
Maybe a tree diagram will make this clearer.
Also a warning for not using a automatic backups? 

Sun, 2023-07-23 - 12:58 Permalink

Racks are always saved automatically or you are being asked. There's a preference setting for this. Auto-backups is for arrangements only (and libraries, if I remember correctly).