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beginner issue

Hi all, I just installed Synfire Demo and is trying to play around with it

I imported some exisiting midi files into Synfire, however, somehow Synfire automatically changed the note of the midi file, I wasn't been able to find the setting that make it play the original midi file

I didn't change any settings after the installation

this is driving me nuts, can anyone help me?

much appreciate it




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Hi Jason,

If you want Synfire to play the original MIDI file, you'll need to import all tracks as "Static Pitch". That will tell it to keep note pitches unchanged.

However, this will also keep the tracks from following whatever different harmony you throw at it later on. To be able to do so, Synfire needs to figure out the harmony and original intentions behind the MIDI you imported, so you can replace harmony to get something new. MIDI is very poor at representing harmony and thus any MIDI file is basically only a piano roll (literally). The guessing and estimating involved with figuring out the original composer's intentions is lossy, that is, it can never be perfect.

The main purpose of Synfire is to compose something new, rather than fine-tune something that was already composed. Therefore import puts a focus on  creating re-usable figures (material you can use to copose something new). These will not always reproduce the original input unchanged.

This is not unlike a software that would create a 3D model of your house, merely from a single photo. If you render that model, the resulting picture will certainly look different from the original.

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