Can't get synfire to recognize my Kenos

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Can't get synfire to recognize my Kenos

Mac OS 10.14.6

Synfire 1.10.10


Currently I use a Yamaha Genos as master kbd..  has latest Yamaha driver UM132.

Logic can see all my midi ports, but synfire sees none..  

I normally USB MIDI, but I plugged in the old fashioned MIDI cables (switch between them, but SFP sees neither.  

Logic works fine any other keyboards I may plugin instantly come up in Logic.  Running SFP alone, does not see any MIDI port although see picture to see what is available.  All are latest drivers.. 3 other music software programs see ports with now problem.


Right I just want Synfire to directly record and play my Genos. 

Of would settle for recording genos keyboard and using SFP's internal instruments 


Also auto correct changes GENOS/ to Kenos, and I can't find a way to edit the title of this post


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If you plug in MIDI cables, that's probably into the Fireface 800, right?

If so, your keyboard is sending through that port. It won't show up with a unique name, just with "Fireface Port 1".

The name will probably only appear if you connect it via USB.

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