Container Auto-Reorder causing organizational problems

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Container Auto-Reorder causing organizational problems

If there are multiple containers stacked vertically above each other and the length is changed on one of the containers, the vertical order of the containers automatically reshuffles. Is this necessary? I find it problematic when structuring my composition. See attached example, I want all of my KIT containers to stay on the same horizontal plane but as soon as I split one or change a length of a container the program changes my vertical order and then I have to manually redo it again... 

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You can change the vertical order with the UP/DOWN arrow keys.

I understand the temptation to view containers as data regions on a track, which however they aren't. The vertical order and automatically arranged structure of containers reflects their priority for playback, which is an important information, because containers often contain conflicting parameters ("overrides"). 

Also, to maintain a better overview, consider using colors (found on the inspector's 'Container' tab).


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