Crash Related to Harmonic Layers (Polytonality)

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Crash Related to Harmonic Layers (Polytonality)


I have come across the following deterministic crash in Synfire Pro 1.10.10 on Windows. Repro-steps are here:

1. Open a new arrangement. Under the root container, create two sub-containers and put some harmonic progression into both of them.

2. Select the first container and open Progression editor. Add a new harmonic layer and choose some superimposed chords. Keep the "Layer 1" tab active in Progression editor - this point is crucial!

3. Return to Arrangement editor and select the second container.

4. Now try to go back to Progression editor.

5. At this moment, Synfire crashes with the message "Subscript out of bounds". It apparently tries to go through a collection of Layers but it is actually empty for the second container.

Of course, I have submitted my crash reports through the application but I thought that these repro-steps might shed a light on what was going on.

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