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Device Exchange


This thread is for posting device descriptions you want to share with other users. Simply attach them to your posting. Please let us know how complete they are and if there are still things to be done.

Cognitone will occasionally review the files and add them to the official device repository that is distributed with the software and made available to everyone on our website. By posting here, you agree to this procedure.

Discussion regarding devices in general is welcome.

Note: The way to deal with VIs/sound libraries is to create one device that includes all available sounds, e.g. "GPO Instruments". Users can then copy individual sounds to their own devices, e.g. "My GPO Strings B", as needed.

Fri, 2009-01-02 - 22:48 Permalink

Let's start with this one.

In the HN forum, a discussion with Tom showed that it is critical for device descriptions to properly categorize drum kits as such, or otherwise the instrument manager would be confused regarding their purpose, producing quite a mess when playing the factory accompaniment patterns.

What makes drum kits so sensible for this confusion?

The answer is simple: Even when the GM (General Midi) standard can be assumed, a device description imported from midnam XML is unable to guess automatically which sounds are drum kits, because they are usually not specified by a well known program change number (as opposed to other sounds).

That is, when importing XML, Synfire or HN can't recognize which sounds are drum kits. They will NOT be categorized automatically, unless they are defined to be locked to channel 10.

Blame the ancient midi standard for this, but there is no workaround other than fixing this manually.

We did that for the attached description for the YAMAHA Motif XS, which seems to work without problems now.


YAMAHA Motif XS Device Description (YAMAHA_Motif678.device)