Distortion in VST Instruments

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Distortion in VST Instruments

I'm running a very simple Synfire project consisting of three Instruments. They sound Chromophone 3, and two Omnisphere patches.

Everything is OK if I have only the Chromophone 3 and ONE of the Omnisphere patches sounding, but if I choose to have the second Omnisphere patch sound, the audio gets very scratchy.

I have a high-end W10 computer, and can run gobs of VST's in Cubase (including this exact same setup even while having Synfire in the background) without encountering this problem. So why do I encounter it in Synfire?



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What's your CPU load at the time you experience these glitches?

You may need to increase your audio buffer size in Synfire to give CPU more time to complete a slice of audio.

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