Dividing up containers.

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Dividing up containers.

When you highlight  a container, that should be enough for SFP to know you want to coninue dividing it up into 8 bar phrases. Right now you must select the container, place arrowplayhead where you want.  Then hit divide. You must then reselect the container again, a wasted step.


You can easily move to a new container if you wish to divide differet ones.


Logic has a great command.  (options cut).  If you highlite a region and hold down Option while you cut it, it will cut the whole track in the increment you have selected. If you wanted 4 bar segments after measure 8, you move playhead to measure 9 the Option cut at measure 13. Now the rest of the track will already ve subdivided.  Some kind of AI would be needed of options asked if you you wanted to split a phrase, or keep notes at the cut point anchored.  This will make it much easier to manipulate blocks of data.'

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