"Dynamic Lead Sheets/Digital Conductor"

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"Dynamic Lead Sheets/Digital Conductor"

This feature is pretty far off in left field, but I know I would find it useful, and suspect that some other people probably wouldn't mind it either.  Also not sure what I should even call it.


What I am interested in is essentially something like the palette view, where you can see the current harmony.  However, instead of highlighting current harmony and coloring showing all of the possibilities and their diatonic place, I would find it useful to have the bulk of the screen taken up by the current harmony, with a prompt for the next piece of harmony, possibly with a simplified song structure view below.  Perhaps a visual metronome could be included somehow?


The idea is to be able to use synfire as a band in a box to get multiple live musicians on the same page with parts made in the program, or even using synfire only as a conductor of sorts.  I have no idea what the implementation of this would take, and I am not even quite sure what I want it to look like yet.  However, I think it would be a fantastic way to teach live musicians new pieces, especially if they are to eventually play on top of a backing track composed with Synfire.  I intend to mirror the main monitor onto multiple monitors and a projector, to give all the involved musicians a good view of what is happening harmonically.


Does anyone have any input on this idea?  Absurd?  Already doable? Excellent idea?



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Wouldn't it be the easiest, simply to display the progression view on the main monitor? There you have an overview of the song structure and of the chord progression and the currently played chord is also highlighted (see Gif). 


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