easier recording, loops and shortcuts etc

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easier recording, loops and shortcuts etc

Hi Andre,

one reason I can not start with synfire but in a DAW, making new songs, is the way to handle recordings. I mentioned it already once and it stills breaks the creativity.

What is realy needed a way to record in loops with overdub. Keyboard shortcuts to start/stop (does not work for me).

Shortcuts for all important buttons, shown already in the yellow hint and maybe changeable. Its somehow quite complicated to change between drawing, selecting and moving etc.

BTW: Now Studio One has also a kind of progression and it is quite easy to squeze a played part into a harmony. Means, its now hard for me to find a good reason why to use synfire, especially it is quite complicated.


best regards

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Thanks for your suggestion. Recording will be improved with 2.0 and keyboard shortcuts will be user-definable. 

squeeze a played part into a harmony

Some other DAWs can do that too (Cubase, for example), but as your words correctly suggest, it is brute force "squeezing" (harmonic quantization). It only works for very basic phrases, like chord stabs, synth basses, etc. The simple algorithm totally fails for most other musical expressions and is certainly not capable of recomposing parts automatically to match different progressions, as Synfire can do.

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