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I wanted to see how fast it was to work with Synfire so I set myself a 30 minute time limit to produce something. This mp3 is the result. It's not great music but I hope it shows that:

a) You can get a lot of notes into synfire quickly.
b) Synfire does a pretty good job of making sense of a lot of notes!

Type in progression - 5 minutes
Draw in figures for strings and copy them through the piece - 10 minutes
Tinker with settings to make strings play approximately the notes I had in mind - 5 minutes
Add a brass melody - 5 minutes
Final tinkering 5 minutes
Then I just saved the midi file, imported to my sequencer and set levels.

So ... I'm sure other synfire users can produce better, even in a 30 minute time limit. Anyone want to have a go?


Written from scratch in 30 minutes (30 Minutes.mp3)


Fri, 2009-01-23 - 22:03 Permalink

Just posted this one in another thread and thought it might also suit here. I don't remember exactly, but I am pretty sure it took me more than 30 minutes to make (at least an hour).

The excerpt features two flutes imported from a Bach Brandeburg concert, which I just pasted into the arrangement to accompany the piano part I was fiddling with. Accidentally, the 6/8 measure of the flutes go nicely together with the 4/4 piano ryhthm.

IMO this is one of many examples for the suprises and lessons one learns while playing around with Synfire. The thing is, you would probably never try this with a sequencer or notation program, because it would simply take you too much effort to do. With Synfire, it's just a matter of drag & drop.

For those interested in playing with this file: I've attached it.


The piano figure I was experimenting with. I wanted to test the various symbol types, indicated by the different colors. To be honest, this was just random hacking and I was surprised by the result. (figure1.jpg)

The flutes imported from Bach (figure2.jpg)

The MP3 of the resulting piece (RachelsRadiation_0002.mp3)

The Cognitone Arrangement Container, aka "cognac" ;-) (Rachels Radiation.cognac)