A few newbie questions with the demo

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A few newbie questions with the demo

Hi Cognitone!

I thought I'd ask a few questions since I am having trouble working things out from the manual.

Bit of background: I'm a melody instrument player looking to get some basic accompaniments sorted out so I can back myself playing traditional tunes (mainly old English, Irish, Celtic stuff). And generally with Drop-D or DADGAD tuning. I'd be using HN2 to sort the accompaniment out before then finalising the whole thing in e.g. Notion3 (via MIDI export).

I have two major questions: guitar accompaniment and bass line.

Guitar accompaniment:

So, I've worked out that DADGAD can be configured in HN2, so that's great for starters.

And I also managed to import the "A" part of a simple reel as a MIDI file and get HN2 to give me a possible harmonic progression. Sounded excellent!

But now I'm interested in getting some picking patterns set up. These patterns are both tonal – i.e a particular style of arpeggio is used – and rhythmic, i.e. a particular rhythm is used for accompanying the "jig", e.g. I'd like to start by entering some examples of picks/strums from DADGAD tutorials.

But I have no idea where I can start setting these up.

When I click on "Figure" in guitar there are some presets I'd like to edit. But I don't seem to be able to.

Or have I misunderstood something here?

Bass line:

Can other instruments be used in the Harmonizer? That is: can I set up a melody line and then add a bass instrument and get it to harmonize with the melody? Of course, once I have the chords I can manually work out the bass but automation would be great here.

I guess I'm asking if the harmonizer can effectively harmonize any instrument against another.

Hope that all makes sense and look forward to your answers!

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Welcome to the user forum!

HN2 does not have an editor that allows for editing a figure at the individual note level (only cut/copy/paste). You will need to record your finger picking patterns using an external midi keyboard and then HN2 can convert your take into a figure.

A song supports up to eight instruments, so yes, you can add a bass that will automatically adapt to your harmony progression. Just tap in the rhythm and rough melodic move and HN2 will create a figure off that.

You can select any combination of instruments as the input for the harmonizer. Either the static take you have imported or recorded, or the rendered final pitches (which can result in interesting effects).


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