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Global Rack Options

This is an extension to an idea I put forward some time ago (and which was 'added to the list') regarding asking which Global Rack you would like to load at startup.

I have a fair few different Global Racks that I use for various things.  Sometimes I can't remember which rack I used for a particular arrangement until after I've loaded it up.  If the rack is not the one the arrangement was saved with, Synfire tries to match the sounds to the current rack.

I then have to try to remember which rack I used and load that one instead.

So my suggestion is, not only could we have the option to load a particular rack at startup, but if we load an arrangement and the rack is not the correct one, could Synfire tell us this, and ask if we would like to load the correct rack?

I realise it is possible to have more than one arrangement open, so perhaps this option need only be presented for the first instance, or something like that?

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Excellent idea, thanks.

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