help! Still can't access Synfire

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help! Still can't access Synfire

Hi guys, 

Can anyone help me with how to sort out a problem with Synfire not booting, with error messages that says "Too many symbolic links in your directory:  ".../Synfire Pro / Config/Tonality.catalog".

I cannot find a file that is called 'Tonality.catalog'.

Andre has suggested the problem could be anywhere on my computer, but why is the error message directing me to this specific directory / filename.

If anyone could help, I'd be so grateful as I cannot use the software and really don't want to have to sell my license.

I have updated all Mac OSx software and used CleanMyMac to see if this might solve any system problems, but no changes - I cannot get past the splash screen, so I can't see error log messages from within the program.

Thanks much,


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