HN2 with Reaper

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HN2 with Reaper

How to connect a VSTi in Reaper with HN2 ?


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  1. Load your VSTi in Reaper
  2. Make the Reaper track listen to MIDI from a loopback driver (see below)
  3. Create a simple device description in HN2 for the VSTi sound(s) you want to use
  4. Connect that description with the loopback port


These videos show how to setup a loopback driver:

HN2 will soon be updated and will use a much simplified sound setup.

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Hello everyone
Before formatting my pc I could connect hn2 with a vst in reaper. Now (after a long time), with the new version of the software I can not make it work.
I can not find the videos in the link anymore
I hope you can help me
Thanks in advance

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The setup videos are now located here:

MIDI setup has not changed for a long while. As always, it boils down to making the Reaper track listen to MIDI from the loopback port that HN2 plays to.

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