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How does KIM look like?


I haven't seen her yet. So far she insisted to work from home, so we collaborated online for now. KIM is expected to appear in person at some point, as we have many more videos in the pipeline. I'm so excited.

Now an image of KIM has surfaced on the dark web, but I doubt it's authentic. Looks more like a kitchen appliance? How sexist is that?

Mon, 2023-05-29 - 07:02 Permalink

Looks like the space capsule in Kubricks 2001 movie. And that is not a red button, but the red eye of HAL.

But wait, there is indeed a kitchen in the background. So, maybe you are right. Didn't know that KIM can also cook. What will she serve? Phrase salad? To bad, my stove has not a Midi interface...

Mon, 2023-05-29 - 16:39 Permalink

Yep, that must be her. Gives also much more motivation to open the software :)

Tue, 2023-05-30 - 21:35 Permalink

Pretty hot, indeed. Very human.

Here's a totally different, more technical and unrelenting take. Maybe the rumors will eventually settle at something in between ... at least so I hope. Not keen on working with ... this ... in the same room.