importing midi in library missing controller data

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importing midi in library missing controller data

I import a midi into the library for later on using these phrases from the pool in a new arrangement
When i imported the midi normal in the arrangement screen all parameters are included ( variation and modulaion has now my attention), but imported via external 0library i could not trace back the variaton and modulation parameter.

If it is not possible to trace back the controller data ( expression and modulation ) for this midi, when i selected the master track , then what use has the library ?

I like to see when i mport a midi in a arrangement screen that also the embedded library is filled with pool phrases from this imported midi ( that is better then using the external library with the missing (incomplete) parameter data)  and that all parameter data is assigned to the phrase master in the pool.

I let Synfire dividing the midi in pool phrases and build up the midi again up in the arrangement screen with phrase containers ( i try to do this via the external library, but the variation parameter and modulation are not be traceable )

I try to find a workflow for composing what is possible by importing yamaha styles ( songsections) and now doing this by standard midi's and dividing the midi in phrase pool sections

It should be very  easy working when i imported a midi and can use this automatically filled embedded library with poolphrases  for  a new arrangement as a template ( see pic )( i used here the external library to build up this template arrangement and can drag the phrases from the embedded library to a new arrangement)


Enclosed also the pooltemplate largo strings(professinal arranged midi) (add a ensemble strings and section horns + reverb (HAlion5 has a special reverb REVerence ) ..this is made by importing th e midi first to the external library, then i transferrd to the embedded library, but it seems that the parameter expression and modulation is not complete.?

This templat is handy to listen to individual instruments and the songstructure is preserved too ( the midi is carefully constructed with a expression max on the timeline, therefore i must see ofcourse the complete parameter ) and the same for possible othe parameters : modulation also here in this midi

A collection of phrases in the library from a midi alone in a library is difficult to use ... now with a graphical support in the form of template  it is better to analyse too.     

So i can use the pooltemplate library together with a graphical supportt use it in a new arrangement
Directly a poolhrase from the imported midi saves alot of work.
Using midi import is now considering the midi's songstructure too with a selfmade template

It is aimless now the library without having a idea about the songstructureof the imported midi in the library -- al lot of freedom to do ever what you want, but is has a lot of randomness.  


It seems that the poolphrases all are 4 bar why it is not possible that Synfire comes up with a matrix of pool phrases and use this a a template for a new arrangement ?



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The library import also imports controllers, if you tick the box for it, or its a bug.

If you need an overview over the file, why not import it as arrangement and drag the phrases to the embedded libary or a stand alone library window? Direct library import is a short cut only. Building libraries sometimes works better with drag and drop. That gives you more control.

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Importing a midi as arrangement gives only the masterphrase to use in the embedded library. ( after dragging it in the embedded libraryfrom the arrangement)
I do want also the individual pool phrases in the embedded library from the master phrase ( =the whole track as one phrase ).

I did already a earlier suggestion on the forum to add also the complete poolhrases to the embedded library by importing a midi into a i miss a option ? 

( it is not possible to get poolphrases with the masterphrase in the embedded library during import..why i should drag it from the imported midi in the arrangement if it can be imported in the importscreen by adding a new option: poolhrases in the embedded library ?)

Is it not possible to add a new option: poolhrases for embedded library ..the software can do it for me like it is done now for the exernal library?


Note: i like to work with a template of matrix container phrases as a template in the form of a arrangement : the songstructure of the imported midi is reflected in the template matrix and more is possible with chording and listening to phrases.  
Also dividing the midi in more containers makes it easier to construct a new song

Note2: when i mported now a midi in the arragementscreen, the importscreen shows a disabeled option: create phrase pools

I like to see 2 options here:

  • External library : create phrase pools
  • embedded library : create phrase pools

Or a jump menu : Create phrase pools for...

note3 :  why i should first open a new library and then create  a phrase pool there?





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