Importing a midi song strange key shift

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Importing a midi song strange key shift

Hi,, Im new to HN2

I found that only HN2 advanced can import midi song file .mid.  I loaded a short simple song whihc played when tested first , although a bit strange but usable. I then went thru Import and it loaded up. When I went to play it it was most contorted, like shifted dwon a few tones but the chords were mangled  and unusable

There's no help in the manual

What have I done wrong? I thought the Advanced version could handle melodies as well as harmonies?

I thought this might save me some time, but may have to revert to manually entering chord blocks

using the Light version as it can only handle chord blocks

It may be that only the Synfire is suitable but I already have Reason DAW

Nonetheless a very useful analysis tool for experimentation



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HN2 can't import an entire song with multiple parts, as it has no idea where these parts begin and end. Instead it attemts to import only one part of a song for use as a Base Sketch that you then use to build multiple parts on yourself. Basically it looks for a pattern that makes sense when looped.

From which menu did you import (File, Phrase) and what import settings were you using?

BTW: Syfire isn't a DAW. It can sync with a DAW, though, or host its own plug-ins, so you can skip a DAW altogether until the song is ready for production. But mainly Synfire is for rendering and arranging MIDI based on phrases being projected on harmony.

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Hi thanx, I am seeing the limitations and expecting too much, but the chord recognition and suggested progressions are all taken from classical chord theory and it takes the hard work out of decphering notation


OBTW I founf that fixing the root at C there are 55 combinations of tritones so I am working my way thru cataloging these

Sad thing is there is no universally agreed way to names the combinations.  I am favouring the 0123-11  system of half tones.

The roman system is limited

when it comes to inversions which mathematically seems trivial, yet musically hugely important

Isnt it strange how the ear percieves this type of chord so differently  I1 , I3 , I5

Try a 10th  C3 ,E4



I wonder how well it can handle split chords (over 2 /3 octaves)

but for the money HN2 LE is top value

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