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Keeps hanging on global rack


I put the pre-latest version of synfire on it and even with the latest version the global rack hangs.
Yes , what is causing this? 
This global rack's device description is copied to use in the VEP plugin to get midi ports

Backup the latest rack did not solve this.

very annoying all, because don't know exactly what configuration files synfire is using now, because I think I have files in different places on the computer. 
User /documents/Synfire/config /racks gives for racks a CurrentRack.cogsetup and in it a folder Backups with files in it when I went to save the racks configuration under its own name 
At least the backups of this and the currentrack.cogsetup do not re-set synfire to a starting situation of the global racks

Where else are there other config files from Synfire on my computer? 
It looks like in user/public/public documents/Synfire ...there are more files, but these are Examples and Export folders, and not Config files.

If Synfire gets stuck on the global rack, then there is no other way to set the start situation, but with what?
Can delete all files from user / documents/synfire /......., but then I start all over again with the globalracks, but the VEP instance is preserved and will be testing whether the creation of midi ports in Synfire goes well (apparently not now with the jamming of global rack)  


Fri, 2023-07-28 - 15:46 Permalink

Your own racks are in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Synfire\Config\Racks and additional files are in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming

System default racks are in C:\ProgramData\Synfire\Config\Racks

Example files are in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Synfire\Examples

That hang however looks like the VEP server is not running. When a VEP plugin is loaded it connects to the server and that server loads the instance that was last saved with the plugin state.

Fri, 2023-07-28 - 15:57 Permalink

Thanks, critical is then starting VEP server before Synfire starts
Perhaps is this timing not good performed by me?

Fri, 2023-07-28 - 19:38 Permalink

Yes, VEP server was not started in the correct order as first. 
Then start Synfire.
All works again as normal and did not do anything wrong during setup  instruments in Synfire.

Sat, 2023-07-29 - 11:27 Permalink

Looks lousy, because now I start VEP server first according to the developers' recommendations.
Synfire gets stuck again on rack 1 again ( see picture)

I don't know how many audio outputs Synfire supports?
Because there was a message from the VEP server that some DAWS do not support more than 32 audio outputs.
Meanwhile, the instance on VEP server expanded to 4 midi ports and 34 instruments ( then already has 68 audio outputs ?) 

Sat, 2023-07-29 - 14:23 Permalink

After a while, Synfire gets over this rack 1 delay, but the next screen remains blank and cannot do anything with it. ( cannot load a saved  remplate file anymore )

Did have in the VEP server some instruments ( channels) and ports ? Disabled , until 10 instruments remained on port 1.
But that makes no difference either.

Sat, 2023-07-29 - 21:25 Permalink

The only thing I can think of now is that Synfire's template opening racks no longer match the VEP server template.
Also got a notification that there would have been a crash, so the link between the two templates may be broken.

I don't think this is fixable, but who knows with backups of the racks ?
Note: the given path to the racks : System default racks are in C:\ProgramData\Synfire\Config\Racks is not to find.

In itself not a disaster if now the global racks are lost that I linked for use with the VEP server.
Most important is the template instance on VEP server that contains the instruments to be used.
It is now not much work to create the global racks with midi ports in Synfire
Surely the point is to create a choice of instruments from the VEP server instance and connect them to Synfire 
Linking between Synfire and the VEP server can be done with multiple template versions as backup 

Sun, 2023-07-30 - 12:05 Permalink

Restart with a clean version, but it's a nightmare to install it.
Soundcase plugin also won't install automatically and now plugins also won't load and hangs on a plugin.
Also windows built-in virus scanner gives message
In short it is ''and big mess.
What to do now, because thought I deleted the previous old config files, but now maybe something is loaded from old backup racks files ?  
Also wonder what files are deleted via uninstall ?
I think I will just turn off the built in virus scanner for a new install.
Murphy's law applies here...:-)

Sun, 2023-07-30 - 13:22 Permalink

Can't get Synfire to work properly now, despite the new installation
I do miss the vienna ensemble pro vst  plugin in Synfire 
Problem is that i forget how to install this, so i must delve again in the documentation. 

Mon, 2023-07-31 - 11:32 Permalink

256 audio output channels is too much for the Audio Engine to handle. This seems to be a problem with the VST and VST3 versions of VEP plugins on Windows only. AudioUnits versions work fine.

What happens when you hack the file ScannedPlugins64.xml in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Cognitone (or Synfire). Find the XML item for VEP and change its number of channels from 256 to 64.

This is just a hack, it may not work at all.

Mon, 2023-07-31 - 12:14 Permalink

Thanks, The number of set audio outputs on the VEP server I have set to 256 , provided 8 midi ports are used.
Can here lower the audio outputs to 64 and see what happens with Synfire VEP vst plugin ?
Are then only 2 midi ports  to be used ...

Note: i lowered the numbers, but  now its crashing the VEP.: 2 ports = 64 audio outputs : there was no synchron sampler connected, that was it.

<PLUGIN name="Vienna Ensemble Pro" format="VST3" category="Instrument"
         manufacturer="VSL" version="7.0.1516" file="C:\Program Files\VST3\Vienna Ensemble Pro x64.vst3"
         uniqueId="ca81538b" isInstrument="1" fileTime="184ae8db3a8" infoUpdateTime="189a871ff95"
         numInputs="0" numOutputs="64" isShell="0" hasARAExtension="0"
         uid="68f72970" identifier="VST3-Vienna Ensemble Pro-bc4f63c7-ca81538b"

There is also a VST2 format  plugin, but above is for VST3 i think 


Mon, 2023-07-31 - 15:15 Permalink

When changing midiports/ audio outputs this message ...Please restart..
In synfire  there is template with 4 midi ports, 8 is max

So changing preferences in VEP sever, makes you must scan your VEP plugin in Synfire again. 

I changed the XMl file for 64 outputs and the plugins are showing up in Synfire !

It seems that two midiports again working,but i have to check this with the Synchron player in VEP( disappeared  for  now?)

Opening now the old 4 midiports template in VEP, its crashing, because the preferences in VEp are set on 2 midiports and 64 audio outputs


Mon, 2023-07-31 - 21:23 Permalink

Using one instance on VEP server with Synfire for 8 midi ports ( 8 racks) seems to be not possible for Windows.

Tue, 2023-08-01 - 17:07 Permalink

Change the audio output channels to 32. Synfire uses only two anyway. Likewise set MIDI ports to one or two. Then run a full scan again. It might affect the scan result.

Wed, 2023-08-02 - 00:02 Permalink

Thanks, it seems that 2 midiports and 64 audio outputs are working in Synfire with VEP ( one instance )
Kontakt sampler has 64 audio outputs in xml file as example.

Sat, 2023-08-05 - 12:40 Permalink

Apparently in Synfire , the VEP server works with 8 midi ports and up to 32 audio outputs ( 31 midi channels + 1 master output). (64 audio outputs set in preferences in VEP , has no effect) 
Would you add a 32nd midi channel, then it takes an existing midi channel from a midi port and you are stuck at the limit of 32 audio outputs.
The cpu load is roughly 50% with 31 random VSti instruments (I assume) playing at the same time.
You can put a number of templates ( 8 midi ports= 128 instruments) on the VEP instance and choose instruments from these for use in Synfire


Sun, 2023-08-06 - 22:24 Permalink

Good news, have disabled the vst2(.dll) global racks for the VEP server.
Now use the VST3(.vst3) VEP server plugins.
Synfire neatly skips the VST2 global racks during startup and now loads the VST3 global racks (4 of them) for 64 audio outputs( set on the VEP server) 
Without any problem I can now listen to 54 instruments simultaneously (CPU goes to 70%). 
Now with 64 instruments ( 4 midi ports ) seems to me enough for an arrangement.
So use the .vst3 plugins for the VEP (vienna ensemble pro) server.

Thu, 2023-10-05 - 18:15 Permalink

Well, it looks like functionality to set the number of midi ports on the Vienna ensemble pro server ( VEP ) has become broader.
The preferences on VEP are now set for "instances" to 16 midi ( was 8 ) ports and 32 audio outputs/inputs ( whatever those audio outputs mean? ).
Synfire now accepts this and also just opens with a playing test instrument on midi port 16 , midi channel 1 via the event plug-in.

Meanwhile I put a fast (5 times faster than sata) Samsung sdd m2 drive on the motherboard and the cpu thick twice as fast as the old one and mounted it.
Am curious to see how many instruments can be played on VEP in Synfire.
I am happy that there are now 16 midi ports ( I assumed 8 maximum ) and that 16 global racks can be assigned to it.

Possibly as many as 48 midi ports can be connected which is described in the specifications of VEP.?