Modulations dedicated screen for this

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Modulations dedicated screen for this

I think it is better to work with a source key and a target key for modulations at the same time open.
So i suggest to design a new GUI for this.

I tried the workflow of Juergen ( open 2 palettes atthe same time)  and very quick i could make the first Example of Max Reger and modulate from C major to G major. 
Tip : use keypad  1( root chord) , 2( first inversion, 3 (seccond inversion ) to select inversions and root chords on the palette


A tip in the manual ---> Gives runtime error  !

Using the

Navigation menu, you can highlight either the shared (common) or the distinct (different) chords of all currently open palettes. This is very helpful for modulating between keys.

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