Multi timbral usage synfire pro and DAW

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Multi timbral usage synfire pro and DAW

How do we use multi midi mode ( omnisphere, kontakt )between DAW and synfire pro. If someone explain I so appricate. For example I opened four midi tracks in Omnisphere on Logic pro. How must be use in synfire pro Sound Selection wizard as a multi channel ? I am sorry Andre,  but I couldn’t success anymore. Thanks for all people on the forum. I know that we must use drone. DAW part is no problem, problem is Synfire pro sound selection wizard.


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Can you make drones for your DAW ?
Say 4  instruments ( channels)  in Synfire to DAW

Record your song only in Synfire( good timing) and then drag and drop the recorded midi from Synfire to your DAW 
Your DAW acts a s a soundmodule for Synfire then.


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Multi-timbral is supported. That's 16 MIDI channels, each of which can select a different sound. There are device descriptions in the Online Repository that can serve as an example (e.g. the JV-2080 devices). For Kontakt or other samplers, you set a fixed sound per channel. The Wizard guides you through this.

Multi-port is a different setup. For every 16 channels you'll need one Drone, each of which loads an instance of your plugin. Basically however, it's just multiple multi-timbral devices, as explained above.

Oh, and of course, you need to add (empty) Drones to your DAW before you call the Wizard.

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Tip: Drones are designed to link an arrangement with a DAW. While it is possible to

build a global rack based on Drones, we do not recommend it. The Engine is way

better suited for that, because it can save and restore your racks automatically.

Engines also ofer a lower latency when playing “live” from your keyboard hardware.


With this in mind : why should i use ever a drone in a DAW ?

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why should i use ever a drone in a DAW ?

I can think of a couple of reasons.

  1. DAW is probably a better tool to master your music.
  2. You may want to include audio tracks with your synfire generated tracks (vocals anyone).
  3. You might want to record live musicians.
  4. DAW is probably better suited for rapid editing of automation.
  5. You might want to export individual tracks.

A lot of the above will depend on your genre of music.


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Of course Synfire can't compete with a Daw what you mentioned.

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