"Multi" using from HALion5 in Synfire

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"Multi" using from HALion5 in Synfire

Multi : the most common usage is to create sound sets with different instruments set to individual MIDI channels

I created a multi and saved this.............

When using HALion as a plug-in in a different host application, you can use either the preset functionality from the host application, or the multi management features provided by HALion 


Ok i dropped the saved multi vst preset on HALion5 in Synfire : to get the same sounds as in Cubase with assigned midi channels in Synfire

Unfortanely it chrashes all the time --> will this ever be possible in Synfire a "multi" created in HAlion5 and Cubase and used again in Synfire? 


I made a global rack with HALion5 and extracted a Device description for it and add 16 midi channels ..than i dropped the .vstpreset configuration file on HALion5..it starts loading and Synfire accept this not and the audioengine chrashes

The question is: how must the Vsti HALion5 be prepared in Synfire to
accept the  . vstpreset file(made in Cubase and saved from there) ( a configuration file of programs with the assigned midi channels in Cubase  ..this whole is named a "multi"

I see i forget to assign a program number for the 16 midi channels .. try again. 


Run time error !

So i give up it is not possible i think to load a "multi" made in Cubase into Synfire ( could be a time saver, otherwise i must transfer all sounds in Cubase by hand into Synfire one for one ..)   





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