MyFeatureRequest List for 9/3/14

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MyFeatureRequest List for 9/3/14

Hello All,

As I am a new user and just getting up to speed with Synfire, I presume that many of my requested features have already been discussed. Regardless I will continue to post such things whenever I accumulate a sizable list. Hopefully these things are important to others besides myself:


TUPLETS -Would like to add Tuplet creation within the Quantize / Rhythm thingy. I think 5, 7, and 9, would probably be sufficient for most composers, especially since these units can always be doubled.


SHORTCUT- shortcuts for scroll forward/backward (how about modifier + arrow keys?) or better yet customizable key commands, I did see that someone else requested this though I'd be happy with a preassigned key if creating a custom-key command/shortcut module takes meaningful time away from other things.


IMPORT MIDI -how do we save a preset? I'd like to do that. Also, I thinK this module should always remember the last used settings.


TIME RULER / MARKERS -I like to organize the macrostructure of my compositions based upon hours, minutes, seconds. This is a constant, bars / beats are relative. Would be nice to be able to select preferred Time Units for the Ruler, or there could possibly be two rulers. Ableton Live has Bars/Beats on top and Time on the bottom. Also, how about user defined text markers? I saw something called 'cue markers' in the manual however I haven't figured out how to make my own.


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Thanks, very useful suggestions. I've added them to our list.

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