NH2 is the Master!

I have spent some time working with NH2. Now I understand how to manipulate instruments, so when I transfer them midi file to my DAW there is better integration of the instruments. There is a bit of problems with the tempo.From 93 jumps to 145 in Cubase, but I found out is not an NH2 problem!
there is a problem when NH2 has more two of the same instruments being used in the same song. I had to change the channel to be able to export the midi file. I am able to closely replicate what I hear in NH2 in Cubase sx3
There is no way in my lifetime that I could render all those basic instruments to follow a harmony like the one created by NH2!
Most of the problems I faced have been resolved!
Andre you have done wonders with NH2. Be proud. There will always be some of us that think that a software has to overcome all of our limitations. That is too huge of a task! There are some of us that need to read more than once the same direction. I needed some time to internalize the info to be more proficient in the use of NH2.
I wish you the best in your future endeavors
Thanks so much!

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