No sound from Internal GM synth

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No sound from Internal GM synth


I am getting sound from a Falcon VST device but cannot get any sound from an internal GM synth device. Any ideas why not? I have tried resetting / restoring to defaults.


I am also not hearing any pad sounds when I play chord progressions. I did the last time I loaded Synfire.


I am quite confused between global sounds, racks, instruments etc. I managed to get by using drones in Live, but I want to try a few things standalone. I haven't used Synfire in a while and due to this perpetual confusion I am considering selling my license. I'd love to give it one more go to try to get my head around it again. 


I've watched pretty much all teh tutorials and skimmed the manual, but I haven't found those resources useful for fundamental concepts - like if I want to get a simple meldy and harmony idea going, just 2 tracks, what's the best way to get up and running, standalone in SYnfire?

Any help appreciated



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Reset your global rack to factory defaults:

  1. Playback >> Audio & MIDI Setup
  2. File >> New
  3. File >> Save

Be sure an audio engine is running before you do that, so the rack will make use of the Soundcase VST as its default device.

To get started more easily, avoid using Drones yet. They add another layer of setup and configuration that only makes sense once you have a song ready for production. Synfire standalone is the easiest "total recall" setup to start with.

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