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Odd Behavior - an original by Mark Styles


Here is a pop funk tune called "Odd Behavior".  I took my time doing this one, trying out different ideas, re-writing parts. I actually recorded and discarded a couple of different sections.. The song is basically an eight bar chord section, but when repeating the 8 bars, I made subtle changes in the chords. I tried bring in different parts every 8 bars,  After the initial recording, I cut/pasted whole sections, which altered the original structure of the song.. It was a quest to find sections, that flowed into each other, without sounding too repetitious.


I started in SFP creating the chord progression, Then I imported into Logic.  I restructured the song in Logic, so then re-imported back into SFP, and tried creating some more parts.

I read that Paul McCartney of the Beatles usually did the bass last, and usually alone, with only an engineer present, He would quite often 'punch in'.  That was the technology of the day.. If you didn't like 2 bars you played, the engineer would rewind the tape, and punch into record and then out quickly, hoping he didn't erase what was before and after the punch in.. We don't have such limitations these days. 

So I went in, and redid the bass last, keeping the original idea, but adding more syncopation and grace notes too it. 

Odd Behavior - (

Score - (

(Mark Styles © 2013 Pliant Tunes BMI)

Fri, 2013-05-03 - 14:47 Permalink

Hi mark,
What a great bit of old school the overall feel the song has. Personally I'm not a fan of the start but when the electric piano kicks in, superb. The bass line is brilliant although ave you tried switching to a slap bass sound for bits of the song to see what that does for it? I felt it was crying out for the bassist to let rip with the slap!
For me there isn't enough repetition, but that's a personal opinion based on the style of music I listen to normally.
I think of all the tunes you've posted ths sounds closest to what id expect from a live band.

Sun, 2013-05-05 - 00:17 Permalink

Thanx for your comments.. Yes I know a 'slap bass' would be nore appropiate, always had an aversion to them not sure why.  I'll try it out though, perhaps I need to readjust my 'hearing attitude'..


Yes, it might be a good idea, to give the bass a section to 'stand out'.. I will try it.. I've been thinking of ways to create a drum solo, but most computer generated (at least mine), sound contrived... Stringing some fills together would be the first approach. It would make the song more unique with the bass and drums got to do a solo.  Will work on it..