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Other chord progression repeat


Seen before (also with another chord progression) that the repeat chords progression of the chord progression : Em-G-D- A9(add9) starts with some modified chords ?

In this example, Em and G chord in the first repeat of the start chord progression are put in a different chord inversion.
Is not desired.

Thu, 2022-06-02 - 20:12 Permalink

I thought it would make a difference if you did bypass the interpretation parameter. However it doesn't. Actually it looks as if "Bypass" doesn't do anything. Maybe it's broken?

Fri, 2022-06-03 - 10:41 Permalink

From the looks of it, the interpretation is not working. 
The harmonizer also shows double bass notes in the harmonizer screen.
With a keyboard underneath it shows 1 bass note, as the auto-bass should do, but it is 2 octaves below the bass note of the chord?

The harmonizer can't be set to the half measure for chord detection ?