Potential Brexit Disruptions

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Potential Brexit Disruptions

As it looks, Britain will exit the European Union on October 31, with or without a deal. There is currently no way to foresee the implications this will have on VAT handling and legal regulations in general, except that it will no longer work the way it does now.

We received a message from UK tax authorities a while ago, which somehow had a subtle threatening subtext, that we will be required to register a business in the UK or stop dealing with UK citizens altogether. At first I thought this was a scam. These are truly exceptional times.

Whatever will come of it, it is likely there will be a transition period after October 31 during which we will not be able to sell licenses or upgrades to users in the UK. This is just to let you know in advance that we are doing our best to avoid any interruptions. However, if registering a business in the UK is part of the "no deal", this might take a little time.

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On behalf of my country, can I apologise for this ridiculous situation and the whole Brexit mess. Most of us in Scotland don’t really want the nonsense we are currently going through. 

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