Preparing arpeggiator MIDI phrases for use in HN

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Preparing arpeggiator MIDI phrases for use in HN

I've got a Yamaha synth I'm thinking about selling, and I was wondering if there's a good way of recording the many arpeggiator patterns for use in HN (and maybe Synfire, at some point). Does anyone have any suggestions on doing that efficiently? I was thinking about recording the phrases one by one onto a long SMF, or onto several MIDI files--say, one for 16-beat drum patterns, one for Latin piano riffs, and so on. Or maybe this is a job for MIDI sysex dumps (I don't really understand how those work) instead?


Thank you for any suggestions.

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Recording them with a DAW seems like a good idea. Be sure you sync DAW and synth properly, or notes will end up in odd positions difficult to quantize later.

Maybe you can also get hold of some STY files (Yamaha Styles) which Synfire can import natively.

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