Record half-time/half tempo (of current BPM)

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Record half-time/half tempo (of current BPM)

Hey all,


when I had to work in Pro Tools again 

I once again stumbled over this supernice feature there.


PT has a shortcut to start recording in half of the original BPM.

Means if a track is 160 bpm for example, it starts recording in 80.

This is super-useful.


And in Synfire:

Fiddling around with the tempo box

then recording and then fiddling around with it again costs time and 

often breaks the flow, because when I jam I have to record ASAP, so

that I dont loose the original idea played.


And I always like to get stuff done as fast as possible.

Without minimal harrassment of dealing with small boxes, typing

stuff in, clicking around and then be able to do what I want.


I could think of alt-rec clicking or shift-rec clicking to change recording tempo on

the fly in SF.


Because there is also no retrospective record in SF like Cubendo or LGX

this would be a great addition to the pretty basic record mode in SF.


Also my bet is that this would be a breeze to implement.


Let me know what you guys think about that.






(EDIT: Obviusly this makes sense for normal playback as well, because you want

to play/practice difficult passages also in halftime, record them and then speed up again. 

Pro Tools has the equivalent to this as well, meaning has also

an option to start playback in haltime.)

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Good idea. Added it to the list!

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