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Search For Location in NY

@ Members: Use this thread to discuss the search for a meeting location.

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I would be interested in a user group in NYC area.  I live in Manhattan... Even just to know someone to call up or meet and discuss our findings.. 


I certainly don't feel qualified to lead the group.. Although I do know a bit about Synfire pro. . 


There is a 3rd party Apple Store called TekServe. They have a room downstairs dedicated to such seminars.. Probably sits 40 - 60 people..  I don't know anyone at store personally, but have a friend.. I could inquire..


If you were going to make exclusive like dealerships. Like Tekserve was the only store in NYC to sell SFP.  that might sweeten the pot..  If the group was small 3 - 5 people, I suppose we could hold it at my apartment. But it's not very big..


I first bought Logic 3 when owned by Emagic.. I found a couple of users, and we had many long conversations, explaining the different processes in Logic.. It was a good experience. when one of us got stuck, we called each other, often finding the answer by phone and later video chat, working together..  If that could happen with SFP that would be good.  We are a small isolated group of people, most of us having no idea where the others live.. Perhaps there already  is 6 people in NYC using Synfire. 


Skype might be a good thing. Exchanging knowledge and being able to see the person, somehow makes it a better experience.  And we'd get to know each other.. Some of us have built some kind of relationship with others, just by our posts.. There are several users here, I have much respect for.  


I've been taking free courses at  Everyone logs ons and streams the video lessons..  My friend took a producing course online with Berklee music.  They had a video chat once a week.. I'll ask about the details, but I believe, everyone logged onto Berklee site, and watched realtime video, and they could type in questions for the teacher to answer. 


When I took a few Berklee courses several years ago. They didn't have the video together yet. but they did set up this chat room type session were teacher and students could interact in real time.  I think however video skype, or Isight is the way to go.. With enough resolution one could make their point clearly.. Often in the posts here.  I can't follow some of them. I can't get to the right menu, or the concept just goes over my head.. 


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We are a small isolated group of people, most of us having no idea where the others live. Perhaps there already is 6 people in NYC using Synfire.

Unfortunately I can't disclose users for privacy reasons, but can send invitations by email.

There are sufficient Synfire users in and around New York City already. Some of them on Long Island. This probably requires them to go by car, so the venue should either have parking space, or be close to a subway station, so they can drop their car in Queens, for example, then continue by train. This is somethine you need to check out locally.

Google Hangouts are great for video chats with a group. Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) are even greater, especially for broadcasting workshops. I'm currently evaluating this.

When I eventually come to NY, I could join the group. I am eager to look over your shoulders and get a better idea of your user experience first hand. This is also what I'm currently preparing for in Hamburg.

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