Short Phrases & Parameters in Containers trainings video stealing time

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Short Phrases & Parameters in Containers trainings video stealing time

Can we comment on video's? Not on YT.  Can not find comment section on your site even after log in.

Stealing time is changing tempo in the arrangement.  I was working on an MTV live video and tried to get the beats.

But because of a lot of short tempofluctuations this is not possible with Ableton 10.  Logic X 10.4 is the way to go. The smart tempo detection is amazing. 

Using Ableton to import your stealing time Synfire arrangement it must export also a midi tempo file.  

And how will Ableton handle this by using Synfire plugin . I think it is a no go.


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(Comments were accidentally disabled on the tutorials, sorry)

Real tempo changes are indeed a problem when you sync with a DAW. The ReWire connection between the two doesn't support that, and if it did, the results would be still not perfect, as every DAW responds with a varying delay to tempo changes.

But ... steal time, or the rubato effect achieved with the Shift parameter, does not change tempo. It's only the pace of notes being played that changes (early vs. late).

Of course, if you use that performance for input to a tempo-detection utility, the tempo detection will believe the tempo has changed ;-)


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