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Some orchestral music..


I try out the Symphonic Vsti from Steinberg in Synfire Express
HALion5 has more classical sounds to offer outside the Symphonic Vst, but for this piece of music what is not complete , because the tremelo violins are not included, due the limited use of Synfire Express

But the tremelo sounds are in the Symphonic VST .. this arrangement is not yet finished



Mon, 2013-10-28 - 11:46 Permalink

I imported the piano , strings and Harp seperated into Synfire for getting insights what chords are used in Paino and Stringssection + Harp.
For this i used Cubase and select the instruments for export.  

Piano uses C major and Strings / Harp G major --> interesting to compare 3 chordprogressions
It should be better if i can do this right away in Synfire by selecting the instrument for import.

Well this arrangement starts with composing the piano first..

Note: a chord is recognised by Synfire with two notes ?  example triad Cmajor : C-(E)-G   ..C and G notes are enough to label this as a C major triad?







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For people who are willing to learn more this type of arranging .. the enclosed Synfire arrangement
You must assign the right instruments ..


18v are 18 1ste violen.

18v trem is a tremelo.

11v are 11 2de violen.

Vas is de alt viool sectie (zeg maar de derde violen) = Violas section

VCS zijn de Cello’s en de tremelo. = Cello section

Cbs zijn de contrabassen. = Double basses

Interesting is the used chord movement here...and the strings are here following the basic scheme

- Violin 1

-Violins 2




Note @Minkepatt introduced the idea of importing a single or more midi tracks into Synfire on this forum.    
I think this could be useful to understand better the chord structure of this arrangement for different instruments.