A song Project I worked on

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A song Project I worked on

Here is a song project I did in Synfire.  I exported the songfile, and also the chord track only into Logic Pro.  I sent the chord track from Logic to a Tyros 4 chord detect track.  So it played a style live along with the MIDI file parts genereated by Synfire.  When I recorded Logic, This was live, one pass,  I selected different variations on Tyros, hence the  tom rolls, and slight variations. 

There are some places, where the song doesn't quite jive?.  Not sure where this is coiming from, at first I thought this was coming from Tyros 4 AI chord detect. But when listening to  SF arrangement, the sourness is detected there a bit too, The motifs I added were from the coglib files I uploaded.  

Is there a way to re-interpret a part you've created, so it 'gels; better with the other material already assemble?.   I thought so, but now it overlooks me.. I also struggled with getting Synfire to play exactly the note I wanted. (not in current chord or scale).  Forgot the answer to that though I read about a week or two back. 

I had a few issues where I couldn't figure out why Synfire was doing what it did, An instrument track, seemed to have an output that had nothing to do with SF's notation of a part being played.. At one point I realized I had created a step vector, which was messing up my original motif.  None the less, progress is being  made..

When working in Synfire, I was using the Tyros GM sounds,  It sounds significantly better coming from Tyros than internal GM instruments.  I think the GM sounds in general have too much gate (note duration).  I have included a cognac file, so you could play the song on SF. 

This song is really just an experiment. I tried out various SF commands. Still a long ways to go, but I am getting familiar with the program.  Still struggling with the concept and use of containers.  I quickly got lost, what instrument was in what container.  I ended up stripping most instruments out of orig container, and created a container for each instrument.  It was easier for me to follow visually. 

Anyone with any insights, observations, or a better/different way to do things.. Please speak up..  Again this is more about using features than the final song.. (not enough musical development etc. 


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