Spacebar for Playback Start/Stop (Mac)

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Spacebar for Playback Start/Stop (Mac)

Would it be possible to make Synfire use the spacebar to start and stop playback.

This is a convention in most Mac audio/video applications and is intuitive for users. So when an application doesn't use this convention it it gets a little annoying.

I went back and looked at this again and it does appear that the spacebar works sometimes, but you have to have selected an object in the arrangement.

If your cursor was in a text edit field, clicking on the arrangement window does not move the focus back to arrangement, and spacebar hits will be still go into the text field.

I understand how it works, but not sure it is what the user would expect.

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This was fixed with the 1.1.5 update. The spacebar is now no longer intercepted by user interface widgets having input focus.

One exception is text input fields, of course. There may be still one or two others, although I haven't yet encountered any in practical use.

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