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Step input

I can't seem to find anything about step input in the manual or the program so I'll post this here, and if it exists, you can delete this thread (I would like to be informed about how to access the option, though).

Is there a step input option? Like, when I enable it, all note data played on the midi keyboard would get entered into the currently selected track at the current edit cursor position, lenght being defined by grid size. 

I think it would allow for precision note input which would already be quantized instead of having to record then go and edit. 

I use it in my DAW half the time (when it's simpler to step input  than to go and record, especially for arpeggios).


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I don't think you can do this from your midi keyboard, although I think it's a very good suggestion for a future update. The nearest you can get to step input for now is by using the Scaleboard (Window > Scaleboard) and clicking notes with your mouse.


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