Synfire Pro Audio engine reinstall problem.

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Synfire Pro Audio engine reinstall problem.

I have been unable to reinstall the 

mps-pro-1.10.6b1 update as it is unable to the audio engine.

I get this message. " The older version of Cognitone Audio Engine can not be removed.

Contact your technical support group".

I uninstalled both the Synfire and it's audio engine manually before attempting to reinstall but no success. I also deleted everything found in the registry with "Cognitone" in the title and key-value and did a full search of hard drive for related files.

Obviously a clean reinstall will fix it but that would mean losing authorizations on many programs, many of which have reinstall limits on them. plus 800gb of downloading.

I had backed it up, but it seems to have been corrupted.

The computer is Ryzen 7 2600, 32GB Ram, 1TB Intel 660P M2 SSD,  and running Windows 10 Pro

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We didn't write the installer, so I can't immediately tell what this error message means. This issue should however not require you to reinstall your PC. If you uninstalled all Engines and re-install the latest one, it should "just work".

Is there an older 32-bit Engine still installed? If so remove it. 32-bit is no longer used.

Also be sure the Engine is not running when you uninstall.


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