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Tempo parameter


Not sure which of these are bugs, but anyway, editing the Tempo parameter could be improved:

  • There is no vertical scrollbar in the phrase editor for the Tempo parameter
  • And also no vertical zooming buttons
  • Drag and drop or copy/paste of a Tempo vector to the library is not working (intended behavior?)
  • When selecting an individual value of the Tempo vector its value is not shown in the parameter inspector
  • When trying to change an individual value of the Tempo vector by moving the slider or by entering a value at the parameter inspector the whole Tempo parameter is replaced
  • The tempo display next to the transport buttons does not show real tempo during playback (already reported earlier - intended behavior?)


Mon, 2022-12-12 - 09:23 Permalink

Vertical zoom is automatic. It scales to parameter data.

Phrase pools have constant tempo. Therefore it's not possible to store a tempo parameter as a phrase's content.

The inspector slider shows values only for a span selection. You can open the text value input to enter values.

The slider will change a span selection only, or replace the parameter with a constant.

Global tempo display is constant (intended for songwriters). Updating continuous parameters during playback slows down things.