Vertical Scales in Palettes

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Vertical Scales in Palettes


when I'm building my own harmonic palette, is it possible to change the vertical scale of the individual chords (e.g. from C.ionian to C.blues4 for the C major chord)? I understand this vertical scale editing is possible in the resulting harmonic progression... But why it's not enabled directly in the palette? Or did I miss something?

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Thanks for your question. Music-related topics seem to come up rarely, so this is a much appreciated and encouraged question.

The chords in a palette do not directly associate with a vertical scale. That scale is only selected in the very moment a chord in placed in a progression. It depends on the sequence of chords and your scale selection preferences, among other things.

You can still influence the selection of vertical scales by picking different horizontal scales for the palette, though. The palette always prefers vertical scales that are subsets of the horizontal scale. So if you horizontals are "bluesy", chances are high that your verticals will be too.

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