Windows 10 install synfire pro

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Windows 10 install synfire pro

I tried installing synfire pro on both a vmware box in my linux on Dell XPS15, and also a fresh intallation of windows 10 on the DELL XPS15. Either way, Synfire installed but when you try to run it you get no user interface. It gives the windows chime once and then nothing. If you look at the details of process chart you can see that synfire.exe is running, but no user interface... :(


Any help would be awesome.



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Although Synfire can run in a VM, audio delays and performance issues inherent with virtualization would make it difficult to accomplish any work. We don't recommend it.

As for the clean Win 10 install, it should work out of the box. A Windows chime is certainly not triggered by Synfire. According to our experience, network issues (DNS, slow network drives) may delay Synfire during startup to the point that it looks like it stalled.

Also be sure to install the latest License Manager (

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