Windows 10 Recommended Hardware

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Windows 10 Recommended Hardware

Since Windows 10 is lacking mandatory multi-client support for audio and MIDI drivers, it often causes issues with, for instance, USB drivers that come with MIDI keyboard hardware. Some work, some don't. The issues arise when a DAW and Synfire compete for the same driver at the same time, to the effect that if one program is put to the foreground, the other doesn't anymore receive any MIDI input. Sometimes both programs eventually end up w/o MIDI input at all.

Unfortunately this is not something Cognitone could solve, as we are not in the position to offer our own drivers for whatever hardware happens to be used with Synfire.

We'd be interested in learning about the hardware our users are working with successfully, so we can at least make a recommendation to new users, when they got stuck.

If your MIDI keyboard and audio interface work fine with Synfire, please let us know which. 

Thanks in advance!



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