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Yamaha styles file to midi file

On my arranger Yamaha SX600 converting a style file:  .psr into a midi file 1 is possible , but it must be recorded first for all sections. 
That's difficult the recording and also to relistening this recorded style.psr file converted to a midi file 1 in Synfire and connecting the soundmodule of the SX600 to it (that gives not good results) .

Should it be easier to load a complete yamaha or other source file into JJazzlab and hear this in a good sound quality? and import this later on for use in a library... 

Maybe with this program makes it all easier ? : JJazzLab
Let's find out !

Benefit from 1000's of free Yamaha style files

JJazzLab can read Yamaha style files. It also introduces new extension files for even more style variations.



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I loaded a made song (author) from JJazzlab in midiformat 1, but it seems to take for ever when Synfire is converting this, so i imported it for now as static.

Note: when imported only a yamaha style they are much shorter , so converting by Synfire must be no problem.

Now i do want to hear the imported song in Synfire with the same sounds as used in JJazzlab ? 
The same soundmodule in JJazzlab can be used for the librarysounds in Synfire.



  • Connect to any audio engine via Midi: SoundFont player (recommended with the JJazzLab SoundFont), Java internal synth, external synth, VST host via virtual Midi port such as ‘LoopBe1’

  • Compatible with GM/GM2/XG/GS instruments

  • Compatible with any Midi instrument via Cakewalk instrument definition files (.ins)

  • Automatic drums/percussion drum map remapping from Yamaha XG key map to GM/GM2/GS key maps

  • Optimized JJazzLab SoundFont for a high-quality rendering and automatic instrument selection

  • Ready-to-use presets for VirtualMidiSynth (Windows) and FluidSynth (Linux)

  • User-defined default mix per rhythm

  • User-defined default instruments

 I must use the virtualMIDIsynth .. how to get this in Synfire ?  
Note: if this are GM sounds than i prefer to use Halion 6 with the loopbackdriver 


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