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Zero Line for Chord Symbols


The manual says that for segments made from Chord symbols: "The zero line denotes the lowest note of the current chord according to its current inversion. Each line represents a note in the chord.".

I think Line 1 denotes the lowest note of the current inversion (see output of attached file).  If you move all the segments down onto the zero line, different notes of the chord are triggered by that symbol, often the 5th of triads.

Anchors are set to "Independent" and VL is bypassed but that actually doesn't seem to make a difference in this case.

Using synfire pro 2.0.14 build#4(windows)

Mon, 2023-01-09 - 18:44 Permalink

Check the chord's settings in the progression.

If you force the C major chord into root position, you'll get C as the zero line. If it's set to automatic inversion, it will choose one that best matches the middle playing range and that may be an inversion.

Mon, 2023-01-09 - 19:24 Permalink

Thanks, Andre. Inversions did confuse me when I first investigated. 

However, if you can, please see the file I attached to the first post.  First segment.  C major triad with C specified as the bass. When on line one, give note C.  When on Line 0 gives a G. If possible, please have a look at the output with the segments on line 1 and then move them all down to line 0 and you will see what I mean.

Most of the other segments give the same.  The "origin" seems to be set to line 1, not line 0.  I do think the problem is not the inversions.  I have done quite a bit of testing on it.

Anyway, thanks for replying so quickly.  Has anyone else got a moment to check this?

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C major triad with C specified as the bass.

Specifying the note C as bass is not the same as specifying the lowest note of the inversion to be C. You can specify the inversion by right-clicking on the chord (in the Harmony parameter). In the attached file I have done this accordingly. Should now be the way you wanted it.

Mon, 2023-01-09 - 21:21 Permalink

Thank you, Juergen!  And apologies, Andre - you were spot on (of course).

Being able to specify inversions is a great feature and really useful.  There are so many features in Synfire, I guess I'm going to be learning about it forever - which is a big part of the attraction.