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The Take Five challenge

Author RobertoD

Keeping on experimenting with chromatism in Synfire.

Take Five (1959), by Paul Desmond and the Dave Brubeck Quartet, is one of the famousest jazz standards.

To implement the first two bars in Synfire preserving the chromatic passages without disabling the VL:

  1. the .blues1 scale was assigned as Vertical scale to the Gm chords, since the famous Take Five incipit uses only the hexatonic blues scale notes.
  2. the Interpretation Strategy has been set to None at root container level. Furthermore, the Cooperative box has been unchecked although this could have been unnecessary.
  3. Figure(s) anchor was set to Weak.

No other settings were necessary to get the correct bluesy mood. You can listen to the result from the attached .mp3 file.

All the best.