Experimenting With Generative Features

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Experimenting With Generative Features

As summarized in a blog post published today (which hereby I want to promote), we are experimenting with potential new features that help with the process of creating your own unique phrases and parameters more quickly and easily.

In this thread, I hope to share some preliminary results in the near future. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions here.

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First of all thanks Andre. I want four wishes new version. 

1. Hardware integration ( I know there is possible for all keyboards MSB and LSB program. ) But This is so complex to make sample player by used Sound editor.      

2.  Drag and drop midi in Synfire. 

3.  Articulation note used as a VST. I know This is possible. But Sometimes so complex for VST. For example Ample Guitar strumming pattern. It is problem for Articulation to make a single figure. 

4.   Figure editing and combine something like this more simple than now. Because We don't achieve one more phrase library to combine one as a simple.


Thanks a lot again.

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Hi Andre,

I would like to have a bass generator that works independent from the chord progression ("orgelpunkt, pumpbass ect.")

And it could be useful to give the chordlayers more freedom in the selection of chords. For Jazz and Classic Styles sometimes it is useful to work with dissonant Clusters.

I would like some more possibilities with the variation creator. The three presets often are to raw. Something like a variation creator would be nice.

A generator for unisono tracks would be nice. Example: a Bass Track and a Melodie Track play exact the same notes with a preselected interval .

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A good point akem!

For "Orgelpunkt" or "Ascending/Descending Basslines" it would be very helpful, if "Live Chord Detection" could determine correct Bassnotes.

Example: If you are playing a C-major chord and then change to F-Major with Bass C (Orgelpunkt ), "Live Chord Detection" is showing the correct F-Major chord, but with "Bass 1(F)", which is definitly not correct. Maybe there are settings, to change this behaviour, but I have not found them yet.

A "Live Chord Detection", that considers the bass notes correctly, could really improve intuitivly playing with chords and basslines

Many chord progressions work in a way, that only one note of the chord moves up or down, while the other notes remain, where they are. If "Live Chord Detection" determines the chords considering this behaviour, it is much easier for "Phrases" and "Figures" to interpret the progression as intended.

More freedom for chordlayers and variations !

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