How are you dealing with the current situation? Make more music?

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How are you dealing with the current situation? Make more music?

We see a little more visitor traffic on our site recently, so I wonder if our users are using the time they are confined to their homes (or home offices) with making more music than usual?

We are currently working on Synfire 2.0 and that kind of work is not much impacted by the current pandemic. While I find myself disinfecting door knobs, keyboards and mouses more often (and washing everything with soap that I take home from the grocery), current development work and customer support will most likely not be impeded by the crisis. The often dreaded long hours at the computer now turn out to be kind of a soothing refuge.

How do you deal with this extreme challenge?

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Thank you for asking.

 I live far away on the contry, so thinks aren't that different. I have a lot of animals, so I am never alone or out of work.

 I have been working on a template with cubase and synfire. I was a little annoyed about the long saving time in synfire. I have build a very usefull template using midi drone. 
I am very excited reading about the new 2.0 synfire release. I was wondering if you could inlight us about what to expect.

It would be a very good time if the release wasn't to far away. 
Hope you and your family is okay, and can cope with the isolation.

best regards Charlotte 


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For me the current situation is not so bad, because I live in the country and behind me the forest starts right away. I can always go for a walk in the forest.
Nevertheless, I really enjoy sitting here at the computer and creating something with Synfire Pro. I think that the software deserves to deal with it. You have a very high learning curve, but once you understand the system you can do wonderful things with it. The great thing is that you can do a lot with just a few simple steps and you can try it out again and again. I'm already looking forward to version 2.0, and I'm very excited about what we can expect there.
I would also like to thank André for his work and the special customer service.
So let's make music!

Translated with (free version)

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Last seen 1 week 5 days ago

I enjoy writing a lot, so there is no time for anxious thoughts. I using the time to catch up with this wonderful software. I am looking forward to continue my learning process. Thank you for continue improving it.



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My life hasn't changed much because I've always worked at home: restrictions are very annoying, but we make this sacrifice thinking that it can help reduce the infection and, above all, the enormous workload on hospitals. The health situation in Italy is quite heavy, the only thing to do is to wait and compose, and I take this opportunity to review and deepen my notions of counterpoint. I put Synfire aside a bit because I've just bought a Native Instruments M-32 and I'm having a lot of fun with Komplete Kontrol, but I'll be back soon :)

iMac Pro, Logic Pro, StudioOne 4, Synfire, Notion, NI Komplete, Heavyocity, various Spitfire/8Dio/VSL libs, Altiverb, a mate (Ines) and two cats (Oliva&Spritzi)

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Working intensely on 2.0 turns out to be a boon. It calms me down, leaving little time for worries. 

Unfortuntely it is impossible to spend 100% of your time hiding in a safe place. Going to the grocery and bakery is still stressful. There are too many people walking around in stores, unable to keep the recommended distance. Especially in a big city (Hamburg = 1.8 million) with a lot of public transportation, it requires a constant sense of awareness to keep track of what's potentially contaminated: Hands, clothing, zippers, the purse, car keys, door knobs, shopping carts, shoes, elevator buttons, fresh produce, milk cartons, jars, cans ... it would need a biohazard-safe lab to stay in control of all that. So you end up just doing the best you can without going crazy.

Who knows. When all this will eventually be over, something good might emerge from it. At least a little more respect for the fact that we are all in the same boat and have to cooperate rather than compete.

If anyone's interested, we could run a virtual user meeting on Zoom next week. I hope to get something done by then that I can show.

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Keep safe Andre

Virtual Zoom next week sounds great, although I'm all zoomed out today!

why don't you use the opportunity to demo your 2.0 prototype in the zoom, it will cheer us all up!

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Not much has changed for me either. Ive been reclusive all winter anyway. Using synfire to make some of my jazz funk things. Really looking forward to 2.0.

Hard to believe Ive been Synfiring for almost 10 years now. Thanks for all you do and wish you continued health. 

Do you have a list of things that will be implemented in 2.0? 

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A Zoom meeting with André showing off the progress in his development with Synfire sounds awesome, I rarely go to my studio these days. (The studio isn't in my home)

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Can't wait for the zoom meeting!

I'm excited!

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 Demo 2.0 on Zoom! Yes please! :)

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Of course do we have a long list of features for 2.0. But I'd rather focus on the one big thing for now: Generators that have the potential to fire up new styles from scratch and fill libraries with phrases automatically. I always wanted more drag & drop and less fiddling with the pencil. An infinite library is a game changer. Although it's unlikely that the music definition language itself will be exposed with 2.0 already, it will do its magic behind the scenes.

I hope to get something ready by end of this week!

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